Saray Spa

  • Winter Offer

In the tradition of the Caravanserai, where weary travelers of old gathered to bask in the warmth of Arabic hospitality after a long journey, we bring you a world of sumptuous beauty where travelers can experience restoration through rituals that have withstood the test of time.

The smell of orange and frankincense infuses the air, as hot herbal tea simmers quietly in a thick clay pot, creating a warm and tranquil aura. White light flickers through ornate panes of decorative brass lanterns across the floor, reflecting curved flower-like shapes on draped walls. When walking into Saray Spa which features traditional Middle Eastern treatments and products, one transcends everyday chaos and enters into a moment of calm and deep-rooted culture. Products used are either created naturally by Saray Spa or provided by Phytomer  and wonderfully compliment the services we provide.

Gift vouchers are available for purchase from the Saray Spa Reception.