Counter Culture Café
Your neighborhood space to chill, dine and connect

  • The ultimate ice-cream sundaes are here!
  • A Memorable Iftar with Family and Friends

A relaxed and laid back eatery located on the ground floor of the hotel featuring a Remedy Bar.
The relaxed eatery on the ground level of the hotel, provides guests and visitors a casual place to chill, dine and connect.
With a newly refreshed menu from deliciously prepared meatballs to healthy to-go snacks, Counter Culture Café has also introduced a Remedy Bar. Select between a dose of antioxidants, fruits and vegetables for a freshly blended smoothie, perfect for kick-starting the day.
With a variety of selections for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Counter Culture Café has indoor and outdoor seating too. The outlet also serves alcoholic beverages.

Dress Code : Casual

Counter Culture Café Menu